Expanding Knowledge in Reproductive Health & Science Using High Technology

IRSI (Indonesian Reproductive Science Institute) is a non-profit institution that aims to become the centre of excellence in human reproduction science and women & newborn health. IRSI strives to expand the horizon of medical science by utilizing the latest medical technology to train medical talents all over the world.

In October 2011, an MOU signing between BMHS (Bundamedik Healthcare System) and IPB (Bogor Agricultural University) is the official beginning of IRSI's journey. IRSI's activities are focused on medical education, training, and research.

Training Programs

A series of comperhensive medical training programs that aim to provide relevant knowledge and practical experience.


Research Activities

IRSI provides research centre for women & newborn health, basic science, clinical science/reproductive health.

Training Facilities

IRSI prepared a series of comperhensive medical technologies to leverage your training experiences. Our embryology laboratory is equipped with timelapse incubator, ICSI micromanipulator. Our laparoscopy laboratory has a dry lab. laparoscopic set and a robotic surgery instrument.

IRSI Faculties

Dr. Ivan Sini, MD, FRANZCOG, GDRM, SpOG.


Ivan Sini is the president commisioner of BMHS and CEO of Morula Indonesia.

His area of expertises are advanced infertility treatment such as IVF and laparoscopy, and robotic surgery.

Prof. Arief Boediono, DVM, PhD, PAVet (K).

Board Member

Prof Arief is a Japanese trained embryologist in reproductive medicine both in human and animals.

His area of expertises are in vitro and in vivo embryo production, embryo engineering, and embryo cryopreservation.

Dr. Arie Polim, M. BHRE. D.MAS, SpOG (K).


Arie Polim is an obstetrician gynaecologist with vast experience in women’s health.

He subspecializes in assisted reproductive technology. He is a master of reproductive and embryologist, and also a robotic laparoscopic surgeon.

Nining Handayani, DVM, M. Biomed.

Research Manager

Nining has been working as senior embriologist for 11 years at Morula IVF Jakarta

She obtained master degree in biomedical science from Universitas Indonesia (UI). Her research interest area includes Ca2+ signalling, cryopreservation, and stem cells research.

Muhammad Rizal, DVM.

Embryology Training Coordinator

Rizal has been working as a senior embryologist for 14 years at Morula IVF Jakarta.

His expertises area includes setting up IVF laboratory, sperm analysis, preparation. conventional IVF, ICSI/IMSI, embryo biopsy.

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